Brittany May, the BritAnime mascot...

Brittany May, by Fox I'm pleased to introduce Brittany May, the mascot chara for BritAnime. As a result of a hard-fought competition, I have a design for the character courtesy of Fox, professional comics artist and creator of Redfox and Zen Zebras. Fox clinched it by creating a design which has versatility and a developed personality, is cute and bold and reasonably straightforward (because I'll want to draw it too ^_^).

Brittany is a major feature of the BritAnime website, and I'd like to encourage fan artists out there to submit their fan art designs of Brittany for inclusion in the new site. Work of sufficient quality will be shown in pride of place on the BritAnime main page, with full credit given. The page gets over 600 hits per week, so you'll get some real exposure for your artistic talents!

There are a few guidelines you need to follow when submitting artwork, but basically you can draw any of the following:-
  • Brittany in contemporary casual gear
  • Brittany in science-fiction costume
  • Brittany in swords-and-sorcery costume
  • Brittany in anime cosplay
  • Brittany posing with your favourite anime chara
  • A Brittany picture 'themed' by the time of year,
    for instance swimsuit in summer, Santa outfit in winter...
  • Submissions for the main page MUST be in GIF or JPEG format and MUST be 256 pixels wide by 550 pixels high to fit on the page. "Fan service" is OK, but nothing too blatant, please ^_^;;

    Please email all submissions to < brittany_may [at] >, subject "Brittany May Artwork".

    Brittany May Manga! Check out the manga strip by CAZ featuring Brittany May! More submissions of manga are definitely welcomed! If you're interested in helping to draw or write scripts for this, please email me!

    Ja na!


    Brittany May Guest Art Gallery:

    Here is the Brittany artwork received so far (newest works at the top):-

    Blusheep Laura Anderton Viviane *new*  
    David Jeffreys David Jeffreys
    Ben Krefta
    Rhonda Palmer Claire Andrew
    Neil Griffin
    Chandler Kartonas
    Manga Missy Mary Beaird
    Subi Totorochic
    C. Zacharias
    Cloud xup878
    Ben Krefta
    Simon J. Bailey
    Alexe Cinz Jon Warner
    Dave Kirwin
    Fox D. Law-Green
    Vincent Chan

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