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Domain Name

The domain name now exists, but simply redirects to the relevant page on my Demon Internet site. Ideally I would like to host BritAnime on a separate server to make full use of the domain name --- if anyone is interested in sponsoring the site to enable me to do this, please get in touch.

I have already had one person ask me if I would be willing to sell the domain name outright --- the answer is no


BritAnime was originally designed with a plaintext editor (GNU Emacs), but is now maintained with Macromedia Dreamweaver. The target browser is Internet Explorer 5.5 --- this will allow the text rollovers on the main page to function properly. I'm not at present able to get this to work satisfactorily on both IE and Netscape 4 due to the poorer DHTML support in Netscape. However, the code appears to degrade more or less gracefully in Netscape 4 under Windows and Linux (if you're using a recent version it shouldn't break your browser).

I have not tested these pages with earlier, obsolete browser versions, basically because I can't be bothered to install all that crap on my system. No warranty express or implied, your mileage may vary, etc., etc...

UPDATE: A test with Netscape 6 PR1 for Linux shows that the software respects CSS properly (yay!) but the text mouseover generates a Javascript error on the BritAnime main page (boo!). NS6 isn't yet stable enough for me to consider rewriting the page.

Bugs and "Features"

Update history

05-10-2000    Web page tracking added. Links to new PAL anime in
              BritAnime News section.

22-04-2000    BritAnime v2 uploaded. Site divided into multiple subpages
              for easier referencing.

01-10-1996    BritAnime v1 uploaded.

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